My favorite toy is green


If I should start this blog from my roots, then I’d better think ecologically. For my favorite toy, the one I’ve enjoyed since childhood and now collect, was acclaimed a “green” toy. The Nuremberg Toy Fair selected the E-Rangers Future Base, by Playmobil, the category’s first winner February 2011. As the category wasn’t repeated in the following years, I guess that set is still the champion.

The kit’s theme, the creation of an environment able to sustain life in another planet, was educational enough. It also comes with functioning solar panels, so that the child can add practice to play.

The thing with Playmobil is its versatility: children will learn from the set adults choose to buy them, but will also move on to other adventures by combining their collection. Today’s space adventurer may next week look fit for being a Roman gladiator, bearing adequate enough accessories.

So it is the kind of toy that lasts long. It is indeed durable, albeit dryness menaces plastic.

Isn’t plastic a bad thing for the planet?, you ask me. I’ll have to disagree on this. If you waste it into the ground, then it will remain there for many years, too. And it comes from oil, yes. So we should only use it for things that we want to last long, right?

So stop making oil-fueled vehicles and leave all those barrels to nice objects like Playmobil figurines!


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