From Trol to the troll


My favorite toy is 40. In February 1974, Playmobil figures debuted in Germany. A few years later, the clickies would be made in Brazil as well!
Trol was the company making them. In the early 1980s, that company had achieved a distinctive place among the most prominent toy companies. Unfortunately, economic instability led many Brazilian enterprises to failure, Trol included. Estrela, leading toy manufacturer in the country, got the license, but it seems it didn’t pay off. Brazilians got to the twenty-first century with no access to Playmobil.
There was, however, an effort to bring Argentinian Antex Andina’s Playmobil to Brazil, but the import operation was aborted. I have some of the Argentinian stuff and have to guess it was partially due to its below-standard quality.
Presently, Brazil has an official importer, Sunny. They make our favorite toys get to the shelves in the best stores throughout the country. The kits are really expensive, as you might guess an already expensive toy would be after the effects of one of the heaviest tax loads in the world. But some people will favor quality when they may.
Now, as a fan of Playmobil’s fantasy line, it comes as a nice surprise to know the 2014 German collection includes a troll figure. I love how their story worlds come to be, generic enough, exclusive enough, independent from licensing.
The bad thing is, as a Brazilian, I’ll probably have to wait for at least a year in order to see the troll. Then I had to treat myself a different anniversary present.

I bought this police vehicle. My own “Elite Troops”, perhaps.


Some assembly required, right?


Well, this may take a while.


Many thanks to Hans Beck and Geobra!


3 responses to “From Trol to the troll

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  2. Hi, Do you Know hat Therapie Troll ist awailable also in darf blaue color! I am very interested in Höhe Oldenburg Playmospace Serie, ist it plausible Torsten buy it in Brasilien?

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